The Electro Heat XL Eco Inverter heat pump has the flexibility to vary the speed of the fan motor and compressor to maintain a constant temperature allowing it to use less energy than conventional heat pumps. The heat pump adjusts the output from 50% to 100% depending on heat demand and environmental factors, thereby reducing energy consumption. The fan is side-mounted and the unit slim-line for ease of installation, XL has heat and cool function included.

Non-Inverter System

It turns on and off completely to maintain temperature as the compressor runs at a fixed speed.

Inverter System

It varies the output to maintain a constant temperature. At lower speed, it is quieter and more cost-efficient.



Code Description Kw BTU Phase Price
68185 – N Aquaflow Elecroheat Inverter – Side Mount 17 58,000 1 £3,250.00
68186 – N Aquaflow Elecroheat Inverter – Side Mount 12 41,000 1 £2,555.00

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Delivery (UK mainland) £90.00

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