Paramount Pools have been supplying the swimming pool construction industry with high-quality products and swimming pool equipment for over 40 years. Our relationships with some of the leading manufacturer in the business have helped us to contribute to some groundbreaking swimming pool builds, as well as some worthwhile community-focused projects.

Read our swimming pool case studies below to find out more about how we’ve helped find the right products for our clients, and offered our specialist expertise in helping to complete these projects:

Case Study: Giles Leisure Installs Luxe Pool in East Sussex

One lucky family in East Sussex became the proud owners of a Luxe one piece swimming pool this year, and went from purchasing to paddling in a matter of four weeks!

The Luxe Pools brand, which is stocked exclusively by Paramount, presents an innovative one piece pool solution with all the necessary accessories built right in. Not only did it need to be luxurious, but also safe for children and pets while not dominating the landscape of the garden.

Alex Howell from Giles Leisure in West Sussex recommended the Luxe as a no brainer solution to the problem of a seamless outdoor pool area that wouldn’t detract from the garden’s views.

“The client is a long-haul pilot so was already aware of the product,” notes Steve Martin. “We recommended a Luxe Pools model because it represents extremely good value for money and having worked with Luxe Pools products previously we were confident of the quick turnaround time.”

With Giles’ advice the family chose an 8 x 3.7m Wanaka Luxe pool, which came with a slatted safety cover and a counter-current machine. Also fitted was an air to water heat pump (supplied by Paramount Pools) and a salt chlorinator. All in all, the project took a mere four weeks to finish.

The completed pool was lowered into an excavated hole just 300mm wider than the shell of the pool, with drainage and floor base already prepared. All it then needed was a crane to lower it in, and a laser level to ensure the pool was straight before backfilling with non-expansive materials.

All of these Luxe pools are built with glass-reinforced plastic (GRP), a much simpler and more affordable material than concrete, and come with fully-integrated covers as well as options for hydrotherapy jets, ladders, light fittings and cascading fountains. There are fifteen models to choose from and many extras to mix and match!

What’s more, they come with a 20 year structural warranty, and a 10 year colour-osmosis guarantee.

As we celebrate our thirtieth year in business, we look forward to working with the Luxe company

“Having visited the Luxe factory personally and with more than three decades of industry experience under our belts, I can vouch for the reliability of this product as well as the outstanding pre and post installation back up. In fact, we are so confident in the Luxe range that we have invested in a stock program to hold 8 and 10m pools for immediate delivery!” – Steve Martin, Managing Director of Paramount Pools.



Case Study: Saltdean Lido

“The Seventh Wonder of the English Seaside”
  • A hard-wearing commercial system needed for 40-metre open-air public pool
  • High-quality construction able to withstand corrosive coastal environment
  • Waterco helps transform public eyesore into valuable community asset
Setting: An architectural icon and beloved public pool

A lido, which is the Italian word for “beach”, is an outdoor public pool (and surrounding facilities) once popular throughout the UK. During the 1930s, when outdoor swimming became fashionable, more than 150 lidos were built across the country by local councils to be used as recreational facilities.

The country’s most famous example is Saltdean Lido, which is located at Saltdean Park Road, Saltdean, in the city of Brighton and Hove. First opened in 1938, the seaside lido was designed to face south-east towards the English Channel with a sea water pool and central fountain on the curved north-east side, and a central diving stage on the south-west side.

Originally listed Grade II by English Heritage for its architectural and historical importance, its status was upgraded to Grade II* in 2011. Such buildings are defined as being “particularly important, of more than special interest”.

“A historic community swimming pool is brought into the 21st century with Waterco’s world- class commercial filtration technologies.”
says Tony Fisher, Waterco Europe CEO.

Challenge: Restoring a 79-year old pool to its former glory

When the leaseholder of the site – one of only three remaining seaside lidos left in the UK – announced plans to demolish the Art Deco building to construct an apartment block on the site, community outrage was loud and swift. After the development application was refused, the lease was handed back to Brighton and Hove City Council and shortly after, in 2012, Saltdean Lido was closed to the public.

After falling into a dilapidated state, a major restoration project bolstered by £3m of community funding was announced, which would see the main building restored to its former Art Deco glory. Phase one of the five-year plan centred on the two aquatic areas:

  • Main pool measuring 40-metres (131ft) in length with an overall volume of 800m³ featuring a central waterfall feature.
  • Children’s splash pool measuring 17-metres in length (56ft) with an overall volume of 16m³ featuring slide and interactive water features and play area

Led by the renowned Aqua Platinum Projects and its preferred distributor, Paramount Pool Products, the professionals were faced with a pool that was beyond repair and the original, fabricated metal filters that were totally corroded. In essence, both pools had to be totally rebuilt.

Solution: Installing Waterco’s world-class filtration solutions

In order to meet the latest specifications relating to commercial pool filtration, Paramount Pool Products turned to the brand they knew would provide a solution that was capable of processing the lido’s high volume of water and bather load– and wouldn’t corrode in the seaside setting: Waterco.

“When we were asked to be involved in this fantastic project, we were more than delighted,” says Waterco Europe CEO Tony Fisher. “Knowing how important Saltdean Lido was to the local community and the broader region meant a lot, and we were excited to be part of its transformation.”

Taking just a few weeks to install the entire system, Waterco’s sophisticated filtration solutions include: five SMD1800 Micron commercial sand filters and four 7Hp BH5000 Cast Iron Pumps for the main pool, and one SMD1800 Micron commercial sand filter and two Hydrostar 6HP pumps for the children’s splash pool.

Five SMD1800 Micron commercial sand filters were installed for the main pool and one SMD1800 Micron commercial sand filter was installed for the children’s splash

“Also installed were two 3Hp Hydrostar pumps for the children’s water features,” adds Tony. “Hydrostar pumps are high performance, corrosion resistant thermoplastic pumps that are purpose built for commercial swimming pools, aquatic facilities and water parks.”

Providing further filtration support is Waterco’s Ecopure glass media, which is manufactured from recycled glass and is considered a more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional sand

“Ecopure removes more materials and pollutants than sand, saving on backwashing and resultant water, heating and chemical treatment costs,” Tony explains. “It is less susceptible to bio- fouling, which is critical to outdoor public pools as big as this one, while the heat- treated surfaces are smooth, requiring less remedial action and less chemical treatment to kill pollutants.”

Conclusion: A community asset re-opens to the people who saved it

When Saltdean Lido was reopened to the public in June 2017, hundreds turned out to celebrate – many of whom had spent the past few years campaigning and fundraising in its honour.

The refurbished outdoor site now boasts a heated swimming pool, children’s paddling pool, a shallow splash area, and beautifully landscaped gardens.

“Saltdean Lido has gone from a public eyesore to a place that can be enjoyed by everyone,” says Tony. “It is a space where the community can gather once again, and families can come together and enjoy the benefits of a pool.”

With campaigns to restore lidos in Bath, Peckham and Reading, Saltdean Lido represents a historic turning point in the growing interest to restore Britain’s beloved open-air swimming pools.

“There has been a fantastic response from so many companies and all who are involved with the Saltdean Lido would like to say a big thank you to Waterco for its support,” says Saltdean Lido volunteer director and local resident Deryck Chester.



Case Study: 190 Strand

  • Superior pool filtration solutions chosen for luxury building
  • Waterco’s diverse range of commercial filters suit every application
  • Energy efficiencies align with the developer’s environmental charter

“Through our business framework, Our Vision, we have a number of commitments to ensure we are delivering environmental sustainability.” – Berkeley Group

Setting: London’s most famous street

The Strand is a world-famous thorough-fare linking the cities of London and Westminster that is as renowned as the authors, poets and philosophers who once lived on or near this legendary street. It might only be 1200-metres long but it is forever etched in the history books thanks to its association with Charles Dickens, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Virginia Woolf, and Britain’s upper class.

What started as a muddy track running east along the Thames became a prestigious postcode that saw the city’s well-to-do elite caste build their ornate mansions. Today those buildings house department stores, cafes, restaurants and hotels.

Located a few doors down from Twinings – the famous tea shop that has occupied the same presmises since 1706 – and just a short stroll from River Thames, Covent Garden and Trafalgar Square, is a new mixed-use luxury landmark building befitting of the elite social group that once walked the famous road centuries earlier: 190 Strand.

Challenge: High-end filtration for two luxury swimming pools

Part of Berkeley Group Holdings, this flagship development contains two swimming pools in the resident’s communal Leisure suite – a fully tiled mosaic pool of 125m³, and alongside a 30m³ vitality pool equipped with the latest in air and water jet features.

Designed and built by Aqua Platinum Projects, a multi award-winning company that specialises in high-end residential and commercial projects, both indoor pools needed a superior filtration solution befitting of their luxury setting.

“With the plant room being located a level lower than the pool themselves, it was essential that the equipment that we used was of the highest quality and design,” explains Mr Ryan Fronda, Managing Director Aqua Platinum Projects. “That’s why we chose Waterco commercial filtration and circulation pumps, and worked closely with Paramount Pool Products.

Paramount Pool Products, which is known for supplying high-quality pool equipment to professional pool installers and retail outlets throughout the UK including Channel Islands and Ireland, was faced with the challenge of incorporating a system that was robust, reliable, and produced consistently clear pool water for its affluent residents and their guests.

“When we get involved in any form of commercial installation without hesitation we use Waterco, and have done for many years,” says Mr Steve Martin, Managing Director Paramount Pool Products. “The range is diverse and there is a filter to suit every application. For this installation, the SMD range of filters was the preferred choice along with Waterco’s commercial pumps and Ecopure glass filtration media.”

It was also important to ensure that the products met with Berkeleys needs for “delivering environmental sustainability” and that’s exactly what the SMD range of Waterco Micron Commercial Filters achieve. Incorporating the patented “fish tail” lateral design for maximum hydraulic performance, they ensure the highest quality filtration while reducing backwash times, which in turn saves water that is chemically treated and heated.

Solution: Waterco’s high-performance, high-flow rate system

Waterco Europe’s commercial fibreglass pool filters and pumps are well-known in the swimming pool industry for their unparalleled hydraulic performance, non-corrosive construction, and all-round reliability.

For 190 Strand, the experienced professionals at Aqua Platinum Projects and Paramount Pool Products installed a range of Waterco equipment, including: two SMD1200 Micron Commercial Fibreglass Filters, along with two Hydrostar 4HP pumps; and for the vitality pool, two SMD1050 Micron Commercial Fibreglass Filters and two 4HP Hydrostar pumps for the main circulation and jets. Three Hydrostorm 1HP Pumps were selected for the water features.

An environmentally friendly and viable alternative to sand, Waterco’s Ecopure glass media meant that the required standard of filtration was achieved, along with substantial water savings through less backwashing.

Designed specifically for filter bed depth of 1m the Waterco’s fibreglass SMD range of commercial filters provide enhanced in-depth filtration and increased dirt capacity, resulting in crystal clear, sparkling clean pool water.

Also, manufactured for commercial and extra large domestic pools is Waterco’s high-performance range of commercial pumps, which provide the extra power needed to cope with ancillary systems like water features, in-floor cleaning, vacuum cleaning, and swim or spa jets.

The pump’s impeller and diffuser design maximises the hydraulic output of the pump while minimising turbulence. The pump’s efficient hydraulic performance shortens run times and reduces energy consumption leading to lower operating costs – an important feature that aligns with the developer’s sustainability charter.

Waterco’s Hydrostar pump body is manufactured utilising state-of-the-art engineering plastic moulding with a single piece strainer pot and volute for extra strength. A high-grade 316 stainless steel mechanical seal is incorporated for extra protection against corrosion including chlorinated water, ozone, iodine, Baquacil, bromine and salt water.

Conclusion: Peace of mind for pool operation staff

Knowing Waterco commercial pool equipment has been manufactured and supplied for over 30 years all over the world in many different applications – along with its long-standing UK base – meant that Aqua Platinum Projects had full confidence in the supply, quality of the product, and service.

According to Waterco Europe CEO Tony Fisher, “peace of mind was needed and that’s what they got when they installed Waterco”.

“Being a high-end luxury apartment in central London meant that the pool had to be of the highest quality, which also meant the equipment had to be as well,” he says. “That’s why Waterco was the preferred choice.”



Case Study: Leicester Hospital

“Waterco Glass Pearls were used as independent tests confirmed that Waterco Glass Pearls could filter down to an impressive 3 micron and as a result were far superior in filtration than other media available, including sand and crushed glass medias”

“There were always problems on a Monday at the Leicester Hospital hydrotherapy pool, which led to cancellations of important appointments at the start of the week,” explains Hydrospec’s Managing Director, John Cheek.“ The best filtration media needed to be used in this installation, as this is considered a high-risk pool.”

Tests confirmed that Waterco glass pearls could filter down to an impressive 3 micron and as a result were far superior in filtration than other media available, including sand and crushed glass media.

Glass pearl media also makes maintenance easier, as it needs less frequent backwashing than other media types.

“The filtration rate is at 22m³/h/m². Plus it backwashes at only 16m3/h/ m² and this fluidises the bed extremely well,” comments John. Currently, the backwashing process is automated and runs for less than four minutes which has reduced the water used for the backwashing process which in turn saves heated and chemically treated water.

Leicester Hospital serves over one million people living in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland, and its special services in cardio-respiratory diseases, cancer and renal disorders reach a further two million patients. Therefore, this 40m³ hydrotherapy pool needed to be back in action fast and had to exceed health and safety standards in terms of water quality to ensure the risk to patients was kept to an absolute minimum. “Hospital patients use the pool five days a week, and often around 4-6 patients will be using it each hour,” says John. “In November 2013 Hydrospec installed a Waterco SPDD1200 Nozzle Plate Filter with a 1.2m bed depth with Waterco Glass Pearl Media with great results.

“Microbiological tests are carried out on a weekly basis in-house. No problems have arisen since the installation and the client is very happy with it. We continue to service and maintain this site and have inspected the filter and media on several occasions and have not found any issues.”