Installing one of our Luxe fiberglass pools is far less time consuming than building a pool out of conventional concrete pool and far more economical. Installation consist of excavating the hole 300mm wider (all sides) than the pool shell, installing a suitable drainage system and suitable floor base. The pool structure is then simply dropped into position by a crane. Using a laser lever or similar, the pool is set to the correct height and then backfilled with a suitable non-expansive material (20mm shingle). The backfilling must commence whilst filling the pool with water (at the same level).

Note – due to the nature of fibreglass no structure over 3m can be made to an exact measurement. Natural deflection will occur and a -/+5mm tolerance must be allowed for.

Professional or DIY?

We would advise that you seek a professional pool dealer to undertake the installation for you. If you are an experienced builder or competent DIY enthusiast then it is feasible for you to self-install but we would insist the work is overseen by one of preferred dealers. Apart from installing the basic pool structure you will need guidance on installing the filtration and optional equipment such as heating, heat retention covers and basic maintenance.