We’re thoroughly excited to now be supplying our dealers with a full range of stainless steel swimming pools and accessories. But you might be wondering – why stainless steel?

One Piece!

There are a number of advantages to using stainless steel as a pool base instead of concrete. Like many of the pools we supply, one of the biggest advantages to the end user is that it comes ready-made in one piece, allowing it to be installed in the minimum amount of time. The shell of the pool is laser cut to your order, and where there’s proper accessibility can be simply lowered into the excavated hole.

This isn’t just great for those who are impatient, but also for public places where the work needs to be done as quickly and unobtrusively as possible.

Low Maintenance

Thanks to the enduring nature of stainless steel, little to no maintenance is necessary to keep your pool looking great. It’s durable against time, physical damage and damage from UV rays, which means that it needs less chemical cleaning than other pools.  It won’t peel, crack or discolour.

For when the pool does need cleaning, we sell a range of Paraguard Stainless Steel Protection products, including an initial coating, a deep cleaning formula and rust removal. These are designed to help your already tough stainless steel swimming pool cope with extreme conditions, chlorine and salt.


Stainless steel has long been used for surgical and therapeutic uses, thanks to the fact that it’s inherently hygienic. This makes it perfect for therapy pools and other facilities, but also for swimming pools; an area which, despite the chlorine, can attract germs.


Stainless steel pools are up to three times lighter than comparably-sized pools made of concrete. Thanks to their substantially lighter weight, they are suitable for all kinds of applications, above and below ground. They can even be fitted on the first floor of a building – a concrete pool definitely could not!


Our stainless steel pools are laser cut and then welded into steel framed sections, allowing for an extremely durable construction. They are much more resilient to damage and seismic activities than any other type of in-ground pool, and can offer high strength even at extreme temperatures. They most certainly won’t leak!

Custom Built

Choosing a stainless steel swimming pool begins with deciding the size, but it doesn’t stop there! We supply a complete range of stainless steel pool fittings and accessories that are purpose-built to sit in stainless steel pools; from air blowers and swim jets to the more luxurious hydro-air stations and surrounding water fountains. All of our fittings, inlets, control buttons and skimmers are made of stainless steel as well.

In addition, we offer stainless steel LED lights in white and RGB models which are hard-anodized for longevity, have near zero heat projection, and look perfect in a stainless steel pool. The lights are easily threaded in and can be controlled via wireless and Bluetooth.

So if you’re considering offering something a little different to our simple one piece swimming pools, why not try a stainless steel model, and see what all the fuss is about? Of course, there are other options open to you, if you’re still considering a one-piece set up. Take a look at our selection of fiberglass pools and tilestone pools if you’re interested in something different.