Pool Equipment

When you’ve picked your perfect sized and shaped pool, the next big thing you’ll need to think about are those little extras that make a swimming pool more than just a watery hole in the ground.  From above and below water lighting to discrete fencing and even the ultimate in comfortable loungers, you can find all the accessories you need to make your pool the haven it should be right here.

Filtration and Pumps

Filtration and Pumps Paramount Pools

We offer a wide variety of pumps and filters suitable for indoor, outdoor, above ground and in-ground swimming pools.  No matter what your size or requirements, we are confident that we will have the perfect pump and filtration system to keep your swimming pool working at optimum efficiency.

Pool Fencing

Pool Fencing Paramount Pools

Our glass fencing with stainless steel balustrades comes in a number of choices of finish, clear or frosted glass, as well as with or without a handrail.  The secure fencing for swimming pools, hot tubs and terraces can be provided in an easy DIY kit or made to your specifications, and all come with a five year manufacturer’s warranty.

Pool Lighting

Pool Lighting Paramount Pool

We provide complete pool lighting solutions for concrete and vinyl-lined pools.  Choose from in-ground LED lighting and above ground LED mood lighting in white or RGB which allows you to program automatic lighting modes.  We also stock replacement LED bulbs which are an energy efficient alternative to standard sealed beams.

Paraguard Protection

Paraguard Protection Paramount Pool

Complete protection for your stainless steel swimming pool with Paraguard.  Choose Paraguard XL for rust removal, BD for a thorough clean, and then the Paraguard + for complete protection.  Make sure that you also purchase the appropriate cleaning cloth!

Stainless Steel LED Lighting

Stainless Steel LED Lighting Paramount Pool

Our Water-Tec underwater LED lighting offers an easy-to-fit light with a huge illumination, in stainless steel and hard anodized casing.  Choose from lights for concrete or vinyl-lined pools, white or RGB and with Wireless/Bluetooth control.

Pool Liners

Pool Liners Paramount Pools

Our Kafko pool liners are protected against bleach and UV damage as well as resistant against bacteria and algae growth – they also look fantastic, thanks to our Ultra-Seam technology which makes the seam virtually invisible.  Our liners and tiles come in a huge range of colours, patterns and shades and can be made to fit any size or shape of pool.

Pool Loungers

Pool Loungers Paramount Pool

We have a number of floating loungers and chairs to allow you to get the most of the pool.  Made from closed-cell foam, they are coloured deeply and custom moulded to be incredibly comfortable, and are also rinse clean and mould resistant!  For a pool seat that won’t lose colour or be affected by UV and chlorine, check out our high quality loungers.