Features of WaterCo Heat Pumps

  • Easy Operation Led controls with temperature management and self-diagnosis
  • Inbuilt safety devices for water flow, refrigerant level and compressor startup delay
  • Powerful heat transfer through the dual coil heat exchanger maximising water contact
  • Titanium dual coil heat exchanger is highly resistant to ozone, iodine, baquacil, salt and chlorinated water
  • Large evaporator area to extract more ambient heat
  • Powered by an efficient scroll compressor
  • Weatherproof ABS cabinet
  • R410A refrigerant gas maximises performance


The longevity of Waterco heat pumps should be approximately 10-15 years with very little maintenance.

Like any electrical appliance, faults can arise for whatever reason, be it a component failure or lack of service etc. Up to now, your pool dealer has been reliant on either their own engineer or to outsource a refrigerant expert to service the heat pump (not easy to book in the middle of summer!). Paramount Pool Products (Sole UK Importer) have over 50 independent heat pump engineers located nationally, who will be able to service your heat pump (directly with you) in the future or in an event of a warranty failure. To date, 98% of our service requests are attended within 3-7 working days (summer or winter!).

All Waterco heat pumps have the following warranty on all models:-

Titanium Exchanger 10 Years
Compressor 3 Years
All Other Components 2 Years
Labour 1 Year

Export Warranty

We are aware that a number of heat pumps are purchased in the UK and exported to foreign destinations. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer recognised service agents engineers based is such locations and therefore, unable to honour labour costs. We are pleased to supply replacement parts only, under the warranty terms as above. All delivery costs to be paid by the consumer.

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Electro Heat Plus

Featuring an extra large evaporator area for maximum ambient heat extraction and vertical ventilation the ElectroHeat Plus is ideal for heating:

Product Features

  • Swimming pools for year round enjoyment
  • Swimming pools to extend the season
  • Swimming pools where roof space for solar is limited
  • Available in 16, 21, 25, 31, 37 (3 phase only) & 44kW heating capacities

Electroheat Eco V

A new addition to the Waterco range the Elecro-heat Ultra Inverter heat pump has the flexibility to vary the speed of the fan motor and compressor to maintain a constant temperature allowing it to use less energy than conventional heat pumps. The Ultra adjusts the output from 50% to 100% depending on heat demand, thereby reducing energy consumption.

Electro Heat Aquaflow MKII

Aquaflow MKII provides the versatility of horizontal ventilation providing greater installation options and are ideal for heating:

Product Features

  • Plunge pools
  • Swim spas
  • Spas
  • Available in 12 – 23kW heating capacities

Waterco_Ultralow Electro Heat Ultra Sub Zero

Electroheat Ultra heat pumps can heat your pool in colder climates even when the ambient air temperature is close to 0C° featuring hot gas de-icing and is ideal for heating:

Product Features

  • Swimming pools for year round enjoyment
  • Swimming pools to extend the season
  • Plunge pools
  • Swim spas
  • Spas
  • Available in 16, 22, 29, 31 and 35kW heating capacities

Electro Heat Pro

The new generation Electroheat PRO heat pump is the latest advancement in commercial size swimming pool heating. The PRO 96 has been designed to deliver efficient cost effective large pool heating in an easy to operate and install package.

Product Features

  • Electronically controlled temperature management
  • Fault diagnostic system and inbuilt protection devices
  • Hermetic scroll compressors
  • Titanium heat exchangers
  • R410A Refrigerant