Signature One Piece Pools

Choose your swimming pool from our extensive range of shapes and sizes. Select the tiles and accessories that you like, then just sit back and imagine that in only 8 weeks you will have delivered to your door a high quality Signature pool which will arrive fully tiled and complete with lights and accessories ready to use.


Swimming pool installers can complete pool projects in a fraction of the usual time, thanks to Signature Pools one piece and split-pool system. Our swimming pool construction method means that each pool is 100% waterproof with no structural leaks and they are even stronger than concrete. There are a range of tiles offered as standard but custom choices can also be accommodated. The pools also come with options for LED lighting systems, counter currents and a range of spa jets which can be to a bespoke design.

Signature Pools bring together the concept of a composite inground swimming pool, which can be installed relatively quickly, together with the quality tiled finish associated with gunite. Quality is paramount and the system has been perfected over many years.

Conceived by expert swimming pool designers, a Signature pool offers a luxury option, dramatically reducing the installation time whilst still providing a high class fully tiled swimming pool. They are manufactured in a controlled environment using the latest composite technology to ISO 9001.