Swimming pool insulation panel

Swimming pool insulation panel

XPS Thermal Boarding is an extruded polystyrene closed cell board (XPS). The boards 1250 x 600 x 80mm will enable you to obtain minimal heat loss through the walls and floor of the pool ( U-Value of 0.25 W/M2K).

Simple to install, the XPS system can save you ££££’s on various energy costs.

Important: Do not be tempted to use cheaper alternative under floor insulation such as EPS, Jablite, Polyurethane, Polystyrene or similar products as these absorb water and will have an adverse effect on retaining heat in your pool!

Each pack contains 5 no. 1250 x 600 x 800mm boards (3.75m2)
Each board = 0.75 sq.m2

1500-V XPS Thermal Board Pack (5) £80.50 (£16.10 per board)
Delivery £63.83

All dealers & internet retailers, please note prices are subject to change – we advise contacting us prior to placing any orders.

Product Description

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Kingspan Styrozone® H 350 R is a high performance rigid extruded polystyrene insulants of typical density 30 kg/m3, with a smooth, dense skin on both faces.


Kingspan Styrozone® is manufactured without the use of HCFC/CFCs and has zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP).

Product Data

Standards and Approvals

Kingspan Styrozone® is manufactured to the highest quality standards under a quality management system which complies with the requirements.

Compressive Strength

The compressive strength of Kingspan Styrozone® H 350 R typically exceeds 300 kPa at 10% compression when tested to BS / I.S. EN 826: 1996 (Thermal insulating product for building applications. Determination of compression behaviour).

Thermal Expansion

The linear thermal expansion coefficient of Kingspan Styrozone® is 0.07 mm/m.K when tested to BS 4370–3: 1988 (2002) (Methods of test for rigid cellular materials. Method 13).
of BS EN ISO 9001: 2000 (Quality management systems. Requirements).

Pool Size XPS Packs required
(inc cuts)
Add for floor area
20’ X 12’ 7 7
24’ X 12’ 8 8
28’ X 12’ 9 9
30’ X 14’ 10 10
XPS can be applied to all types of pool construction.