Luxe Slatted PVC Cover System

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Available for Andaman, Garda, Lugano & Wanaka pool models the Luxe integrated slatted cover system will help keep the pool clean, insulated and act as an additional safety barrier.

The selected pool models have a built in safety ledge and are fabricated to receive the cover system within the pool shell thus reducing swimming area by 750mm.

Luxe Slatted PVC Cover System Paramount Pools

The cover is operated by a key switch. There are two types of slats available: PVC White or PVC Solar which are designed to input solar energy directly into the pool.

All Luxe covers are supplied with 316L Stainless Steel support beam, wooden lid housing, control unit and an in-tube motor fixed to recess cut-outs in the pool shell.

If you are considering purchasing a ‘Slatted’ type cover, please bear in mind that this type of cover is NOT classed or been approved as a safety cover.

Luxe Slatted PVC Cover System Paramount Pools