The unique Patented Aqua Fingers® micro-fibre pool broom is a revolutionary cleaning tool for swimming pool surfaces, automatic pool covers and spa covers. Traditional pool brooms are made from heavy-duty nylon bristles. Aqua Fingers®, however, uses premium Microfibre chenille to gently collect and remove dirt and algae making cleaning smoothed surfaces such as fibreglass, tiled, vinyl-lined pools and automatic covers more efficient as the surface area is thoroughly covered by the revolutionary attachment.



This pool broom body is made from flexible ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA), which can be manipulated to enable pool owners to clean tough places. Unlike rigid pool brooms, Aqua Fingers® pivots and tilts its curved underbelly, allowing better contact at different angles of operation. The head can be moulded into shape enabling you to quickly
sweep and clean curved corners, ridges, crevices and steps on smooth pool surfaces thanks to a flexible design, that easily manoeuvres around tight spots and awkward areas.


• Fully Flexible
• Shatter-proof
• Fits any Vacuum Pole
• Machine Washable
• Cleans all types of pool covers
• Cleans glass pool fences and windows

Aquafinger sock

Aquafinger Tilted

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