An Introduction

A self-contained propulsion swim unit that can be installed in Concrete or Liner pool construction. Luxe have incorporated ‘Ultraflow’ technology to produce a 24V controlled, realistic river smooth like current, with variable speed delivering up to 400 cubic metres of water per hour (normal 3hp swim jets produce 45cbm/phr). A robust GRP housing is supplied with universal fittings and an attractive stainless steel grille enabling a flush fitting installation within the pool wall.


• 160nM 24V Motor
• 2.1kW Motor
• 2.85 HP
• 16 AMP (Type C) breaker
• Gross weight inc. pallet 150kg
• GRP Housing weight 125kg
• Fixing – within pool shell


• Concrete & Liner Pools Flush Fitting
• Variable Speed x 3
• Push Buton Control
• 316L Stainless Steel Front Grille
• 1.7m per second swim speed
• Automatic Covers (Slatted & Fabric)

Sleek, Flush Design

Stand-Alone Unit

3 Speed Control

Control Panel

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Code Description Price
LUX8107 -N Ultraflow GRP Housing, 316L Stainless Steel Flush Fitting Front Grille, Face Plate & Gaskets £3,540.00
CAN0001-N Ultraflow 24V propulsion Motor & Stainless Support Fixing £1,640.00
LUX8108 -N Ultraflow 24V Control Panel and PCB £1,805.00
RF0001-N RF Remote Control – 50m optimal range, in some conditions this may be considerably reduced. Key fob IP68 Waterproof up to 1m depth. Battery supplied. £250.00
Total Above £7,235.00
LUX8109-N Piezo Electric Push Button Control & Polished Stainless Steel Wall Fitting £360.00
Pallet Truck Delivery £85.00

All Prices are excluding VAT



Putting Swim Speeds into Perspective

Rather than looking at the top .001% of swimmers at Olympic qualifying level, we have compared the speeds of top adult competitive swimmers over a middle distance.

Here’s how they compare:

Short Course Event: Men’s 800m Freestyle Age Group: 25-29 Swimmer: Greg Orpphandies time: 8:13.81
Venue: Sheffield= 1.62 m/s (metres per second)

Short Course Event: Men’s 800m Freestyle Age Group: 40-44 Swimmer: Martyn Price 8:56:09
Venue: Isle of Wight =1.49 m/s (meters per second)

Above are race times – training times are somewhere between 65% and 80% of race times, therefore:

Luxe recommended training speed1.60 m/s would be between 1m/s and 1.3m/s.

Luxe recommended training speed of 1.50 m/s would be between 0.96 m/s and 1.1 m/s.

Ultra-flow delivers up to 1.7m per second.