We have a selection of several filters and pumps suitable for both inground and above ground swimming pools. Please click on the links below to find more information about any of the fantastic products we have on offer.

Waterco Wound Sand  Filter – for Inground Pools

Our Waterco fibreglass filters embody the latest in fibreglass winding technology. Waterco’s digitally controlled filament winding machines faultlessly wind continuous strands of fibreglass filaments to create a filter vessel which provides refined consistency and superior quality. The use of corrosion-resistant, abrasion-proof and state-of-the-art fabrication techniques has produced a filter capable of standing up to environmental extremes.

Sand filters commonly experience increases and decreases in pressure, but the Waterco fibreglass filter has been shown to withstand significantly more cyclic wear and tear than the vast majority of comparable filters. Waterco are so proud of the durability of their product that they offer a ten-year unconditional tank warranty when installed in residential installations.

The Waterco Sand Filter is available in 500mm, 600mm, 750mm and 900mm, the smallest starting at just under £500.

Waterco Products

Paramount suppliers of Waterco products for 11 years.

Waterco’s R&D division has led to the development of innovative products, meeting the challenges of change in the market place. The key to Waterco’s worldwide success has been its pioneering, innovative, rigorous testing and manufacturing processes that have resulted in quality-assured goods being delivered every time. It is for this reason alone that Paramount Pool Products are proud to be associated with such a company and are pleased to offer exclusively their range of Heat Plus heat pumps, Exotuf filters, Hydrostorm Plus pumps and Microfine Media!