The MultiCyclone Ultra Vac Portable Filtration Cart is a versatile filtration solution for every service need. It gives you the ability to vacuum your swimming pool, water feature, pond or fountain with a portable pump and filter – without losing valuable water.

This self-contained system features the award-winning MultiCyclone Plus MC12 filter, which removes up to 80 per cent of the incoming dirt load before it hits the cartridge filter. It means you can vacuum for much longer when compared to similar model portable vac systems. A Supastream self-priming pump, hose tail adaptors and pump to filter plumbing completes the handy caddy.

Special features of Waterco’s new Ultra Vac Portable Filtration Cart include:

Sturdy cart construction
Constructed from strong structural steel tubing and powder coated for protection, the mobile portion of this revolutionary cleaning solution is capable of lasting many years – even in the most demanding environments.



Code Description Price
200400-M Ultra Vac Portable Multicyclone £2,607.55
62453-M Replacement Cartridge 75 sqft/6.5m £143.52
Delivery £90.00