Product Image of MultiCyclone 70XL

Waterco’s latest innovation, the MultiCyclone 70XL, is a larger version of their popular MultiCyclone product and the first to be designed specifically for existing and new commercial pool installations. This centrifugal water filtration system is deceptively simple, pre-filtering up to 80% of all incoming dirt, which simultaneously reduces maintenance costs of the main filter and saves water.

The MultiCyclone 70XL utilises 70 hydro cyclones to spin sediment out to the walls of the unit. This sediment then spirals down into a chamber, as the cleansed water spirals upwards and towards your filter system. A clear sight glass allows the owner to visibly monitor the accumulation of sediment and cleaning the unit is as simple as opening the purge valve.

This innovation should be of interest to owners of existing installations and those planning new builds, as the MultiCyclone 70XL can be retro-fitted into any current filtration system, offering energy and maintenance efficiency improvements from the get-go. This unit can handle up to 90 cubic meters per hour and, best of all, contains no moving parts to repair or filter media to clean or replace.

This product comes with a 2-year warranty and is supplied with both imperial and metric quick connect. Available in 12 or 16 hydro cyclone versions, and 7 bar PRO version, the MultiCyclone 70XL functions with flow rates from 2.4m³/hr to 30m³/hr and is suitable for swimming pool, water treatment and aquaculture industries.