Swimming pool with LED lights

We offer a range of options when it comes to pool lighting, to suit all budgets.

LED Pool Light

LED Lighting - Stainless Steel

These stainless Steel lights add a quality high-end finish to your pool.

Available In different sizes for:

  • Concrete/tiled pools
  • Liner Pools.
LED pool lighting system

Poolside IP66 Rated Pre-wired Driver Deck Box

Designed to keep poolside light cabling down to a minimum!

Seamaid LED Swimming Pools Lighting

LED Lighting - White ABS

Our LED underwater lighting system from Seamaid guarantees you trouble free lighting for beneath the surface of your pool. Suitable for both concrete and vinyl liner pools, the light simply screws onto a 1.5″ inlet fitting, which we supply and needs no niche. Inlets can be installed at any time, allowing you to add another light in the future.

The patented inbuilt protecting device ensures that the LED bulb is protected from over-heating and electrical voltage surges, preventing premature failure. Bulbs come in either white or RGB – just one white LED light will suffice for 25 square metres of pool surface area, while there should be approximately one RGB light for every 15 – 20 square metres of pool surface to create mood lighting.

Swimming pool lights

Above Ground LED Mood Lighting

The patented RGB Above Ground Light is unique in that it fits securely onto the inlet fittings already present in your wall, entirely eliminating the risk of leaks or other structural damage. No tools are necessary and these lights are compatible with the vast majority of above ground pools.

The Above Ground Light has an RGB LED bulb which is capable of emitting up to eleven different mood lighting effects, and remote control abilities to turn the light on and off, or even programme up to five automatic lighting modes.

Paramount pool light

Replacement LED bulbs

Our LED bulbs come in either White or RGB with remote, are PAR56 in design and are capable of replacing any standard Sealed beams, which can waste a considerable amount of voltage.

LED lights also have a much lower running cost, are resistant to water even inside the light housing, and can replace halogen bulbs easily with a modifying bracket. When choosing an RGB light, you will also receive a remote control enabling you to change the colours and lights, and even programme a number of different automatic lighting sequences.


Where should pool lights be placed?

Where you place your pool lights will depend on the type of swimming pool that you have, its shape and also the type of lights that you’re installing. Placing pool lights at an equal distance from one another should ensure an even distribution of light across the water. If your pool is curved then you may need to take into account the beam spread of the light and the angle with which the light will be projected.

What are the best swimming pool lights?

The best swimming pool lights balance a long lifespan with powerful lighting. You may find that the best swimming pool light for your needs will depend on the type of pool that you own. For example, RGB Above Ground Pool lights are specifically designed for above ground pools, requiring no tools and minimal setup time.

How many lights do I need in my pool?

The number of lights you need for your pool will depend on the lighting design that you’re going for, the size of your pool, as well as its shape. If you’re using your swimming pool predominantly for fitness you may only want to install a few lights on the sides. Meanwhile, family-friendly swimming pools will have much more lighting, in order to ensure safety when entering and leaving the pool at night.

Are LED pool lights worth it?

LED pool lights cost more than halogen or incandescent lights. However, most LED bulbs have an expected lifespan of 30,000 hours, making them a worthwhile investment, especially when you consider that incandescent lights usually last only 5,000 hours. Best of all, LED lights use a fraction of the energy compared to incandescent lights, so they’ll save you money in the long term.

How do I change the LED light in my pool?

Change the LED light in your pool by first ensuring that the power is disconnected to your lighting system. Turn the power off from the mains and double-check by using the light switches. Unscrew the light fitting, remove it from the pool wall and pull the fitting out of the water onto the surround. Remove the cover of the light fitting and replace the light bulb. Refit the cover and ensure that it is watertight before fitting back onto your pool.

Do pool lights use a lot of electricity?

The amount of electricity that your pool lights use will depend on their wattage. For example, a 300W incandescent light used for 8 hours a day, 365 days a year will consume 876 kWh. Whereas a 40W LED light used for the same time will only consume 116.8 kWh.

Do LED pool lights get hot?

LED pool lights do not get hot in the same way that incandescent bulbs do. There are no filaments inside LED lights, so they produce much less heat than incandescent bulbs. This contributes to their overall efficiency, although they may still get warm to the touch.

Are LED pool lights as bright as incandescent?

LED pool lights are just as bright as incandescent pool lights, whilst using significantly less power.

How deep should pool lights be?

Pool lights should be placed at a depth of 9-12 inches below the waterline. There are exceptions to this when fitting lights to stairs, or in cases where swimming pools are extra deep.

How many lights are needed for an inground pool?

The number of lights needed for an inground pool is dependant on the length of your swimming pool and the power of the lights that you are installing. In some cases, only two LED lights may be necessary to light a small domestic pool, however, your design requirements may necessitate more.

How do underwater pool lights work?

Underwater pool lights function in the same way as normal lighting, the only difference being the air-tight casing and extra thick glass or plastic which prevents water from entering the light fixture.