Available in eight different colours, the Thermo-blanket pool & spa cover incorporates a 6mm closed cell cross-linked polyethene foam sheet for ensuring high insulation properties making it ideal for domestic pools swim spas or hydrotherapy pools.

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Thermo-blanket can withstand temperatures from -30 / +70°C. and is suitable for use on outdoor/indoor pools. Research has shown that an uncovered pool can lose as much as 5˚c heat in a five hour period, installing a Thermo-blanket can reduce heat loss in the same period to as little as 0.65˚c. It is widely accepted that a Heat Retention Cover is the single most effective means of reducing swimming pool energy consumption. They can also reduce your Water Treatment costs by reducing chemical evaporation and reduce humidity and condensation in an indoor environment. Unlike, foam type heat retention covers, the Thermo-blanket does not absorb water.

The cover can be supplied in one-piece for roller mechanisms or in hemmed sections for free-form shaped pools.

Note – all covers are welded in increments between 500-1000mm


Roller Systems also available

Manual, Electric or Commercial options.

HSTT Tog Value Report

Employing the services of an independent test laboratory, the results as featured below indicate the different tog values. The tog is a measure of thermal resistance of a unit area, also known as thermal insurance. It is commonly used in the textile industry and often seen quoted on, for example, duvets and carpet underlay.

Thermal insulation (BS 4745:2005 Single plate method) – Samples were tested by an independent laboratory company HSTT Services after conditioning in the standard atmosphere of (20 ± 2) °C and (65 ± 5) % relative humidity for at least 24 hours. Each test specimen was tested three times, being allowed to re-condition between measurements.

400 Micron Solar Cover
Single Layer
Mean 0.27

Foam Insulation
Encapsulated PVC
Mean  2.37

The uncertainty of measurement of the test is estimated to be approximately ± 0.3 tog. For comparison, a typical jumper has a tog value of .30, a duvet 4-15 tog. A tog is 0.1 m2K/W. In other words, the thermal resistance in togs is equal to ten times the temperature difference (in °C) between the two surfaces of a material, when the flow of heat is equal to one-watt per square metre.



• Welded-in one-metre increments
• Weight 1.33kg per SQM
• Available in eight different colours (colour swatch available on request)
• Available in sections for free-form pools
• Suitable for domestic and commercial applications
• Will not absorb water!

Welded Strap Handle

Tow Bar

 Code Description Price
18000-N Thermo-Blanket price per sqm £58.87
18001-N Shaped Covers price per sqm £75.25
18002-N Weld-on Strap handles each £2.10
18010-N Leading Edge Tow Bar POA

All Prices are excluding VAT



8 Colours available.

Monaco Premier Roller with Smartgear technology


The following features are standard on all our domestic reels:
4” anodised aluminium, telescopic tube with castellations for optimum strength. Stands made from 13⁄4” stainless steel for extra stability. Unique yoke support has coaster bearings to make winding on covers even easier.

Included: Adjustable feet for installing on uneven floors. One steering wheel knob-handle for additional ease of cover removal.

5-spoke, stainless steel steering wheel with soft grip.

Factory fitted SmartGear


Small Reel 29kg for pool size up to 4.50m wide and no more than 9m long using Thermo-blanket.

Large Reel 30kg for pool size up to 6.40m wide and no more than 11m long using Thermo-blanket.

Monaco Premier Ultimate Roller with Smartgear technology

For large domestic pools and for pools that have foam heat retention covers where extra strength is required. Instead of a 4” diameter telescopic tube, it has a 7” diameter telescopic tube.

It comes with a factory-fitted SmartGear as standard For pool size up to 23’ wide (7.00m) and no more than

16.75m using Thermo-blanket

Stand Options

All our reels come with the following stand options at no extra cost. Regular stand
Floor mount
Wall mount

For Mobile reels (extra cost for castor pack)
Our castors are 3” swivel braked castors, made from polypropylene so won’t rust. Pack of 6, including inserts.
Weight of castor pack:
On reel +1kg
Retrofit P&P weight 2kg

Monaco Commercial Roller

Monaco Commercial Reels retain the same high-quality features and style of our Monaco range. It is the only commercial reel on the UK market that comes with a 7” diameter telescopic tube as standard.

Reel Features & Sizes: commercial

7” anodised aluminium, telescopic tube with castellations for extra strength Fixed or mobile stand made from 2” stainless steel

5” heavy duty, swivel braked castors, made from polypropylene so won’t rust Crank handle with stainless fittings

Optional Extra: our Commercial SmartGear, 3 to1 reduction gearbox. As a health and safety feature, if a SmartGear is installed the crank handle can be disengaged so that when the cover is being pulled on to the pool the handle won’t rotate; it simply hangs down freely.

Electric Reels

The Monaco range of reel systems for commercial pools includes electric options with a range of low voltage DC motors from 65nm to 250nm. These reels have the same 7” telescopic tube for strength.
Includes German manufactured 24volt DC motor, electric power drive and comprehensive control panel.

Operated by remote control or key switch

Stand Options:

Floor mount
Wall mount
Highly polished stainless steel stanchions to a bespoke height

All commercial electric reel systems are manufactured using a stainless steel bearing in the drive system for smooth and quiet running.

Code Description Price
18003-N Monaco Premier roller for pools up to 4.50m wide using Thermo-Blanket. Max Length 9m £1150.00
18004-N Monaco Premier roller for pools up to 6.40m wide using Thermo-Blanket. Max Length 11m £1185.00
18005-N Monaco Ultimate roller for pools up to 7m wide using Thermo-Blanket. Max Length 16.75m £1885.00
18006-N Monaco Commercial Roller for use with Thermo-Blanket POA
18007-N Monaco Electric Reel System POA
18008-N Domestic Castor Set for Reel System £125.00
18009-N Commercial Castor Set for Reel System £200.00