Our Covers

Our range of slatted pool covers are electrically operated, and come complete with everything you need to make your pool safer and more energy efficient. The high-quality slat system allows for easy opening and closing of the pool, and needs very little maintenance. It also has the added benefit of insulating the pool’s heat – especially in the case of our solar slats.

Quality and Innovation

Since 1995 T&A has been producing high end quality pool covers and has grown out to be one of the leading manufacturers in Europe. Thanks to our constant investing in innovation and product development, we succeed in maintaining our market leader position. We manufacture swimming pool covers that meet and exceed your demands and all this with an unprecedented level of service and quality.


Our latest polycarbonate slats are manufactured using quadro-extrusion technology. This technology is unique in the world of swimming pool covers and enables us to produce a perfect solar slat that is extremely impact-resistant and durable and also combines solar, anti-algae and anti-condensation qualities.

Black & Titanium Edition

Using a selective colour pigment, we do not only manufacture high quality and durable slats, we also emphasize the aesthetic character of your pool. With the “Black” edition, you are opting for a stylish and exclusive rollo-cover. Slats in the “Titanium” version will make your cover look very modern and eye-catching. Both editions have efficient solar qualities reducing the growth of algae in the hinge and will minimize the visibility of condensation.


The cover control box will initiate a system with a booster pump and special nozzles. Every time the cover opens or closes, this system will clean the slats. The cover will remain clean and this will reduce the amount of scale and other dirt. Intensive cleaning of your pool cover can therefore be removed from your to-do list. What a godsend !


Safety first! An Aquatop cover can be equipped with a TopLock system. This will secure itself automatically when closing the cover. TopLock is a very reliable system. The cover control box will switch on a compressor that will unlock the safety system. If the pressure drops, the lock will close itself using a spring.



The slats are the most essential part of this pool cover. T&A has 2 kinds of slats in its range: the standard profile of 60 x 14 mm with 3 sealed air chambers and the slightly larger premium profile of 67,5 x 16,5 mm with 4 sealed air chambers. The first one is available in both PVC and PC, the latter only in PC. Our slats are safe, insulating, durable and made out of high-end raw materials. They can be obtained in different colours to suit the look and feel of your pool, terrace or garden.

Tri- and Quadro-extrusion

Our slats are manufactured following the tri-and quadro- extrusion process. Using this method, all of our slats are covered with a UV protective layer making our polycarbonate slats much more UV resistant, resulting in an increase of life expectancy by half a life cycle. A polycarbonate slat is much more resistant to high and low temperatures than PVC slats. This makes polycarbonate slats suitable for use in every country regardless of the climate.

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