An upgrade on the standard fabric is the Thermofoil fabric.

If you insulate your house why not your safety cover!

Pioneered by Paramount Pools, we are the first company to manufacture a thermal safety cover for the Aquamatic Safety Cover.

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System. Working in close connection with Therma-Float® and independently tested by HSTTS laboratories we are able to offer two types of thermal blanket; one for domestic pools and another for small hydrotherapy pools or swim spa


Thermo-Safe Pool Cover

The Thermo-safe pool cover is manufactured using a unique three-layer lamination process comprising of original PVC 630gm safety fabric and Therma-foil made from 2.5mm of polyethene foam coated with a metallised barrier providing excellent insulation properties.

Extensively tested for over two years Thermo-safe offers a tough thermal insulation cover suitable for use on new indoor and outdoor pool applications up to 15m. Note: standard Aquamatic pit housing size must be increased to accommodate cover.


Thermo-Safe Spa Cover

The Thermo-safe spa cover is manufactured using the same lamination process but incorporates a 6mm closed cell cross-linked polyethene foam sheet for ensuring high insulation properties on higher temp environments such as a swim spa or hydrotherapy pool.

Thermo-safe can withstand temperatures from -30 / +70°C. and is suitable for use on outdoor/indoor pool or spa up to 6m in length. Note: standard Aquamatic pit housing size must be increased to accommodate cover.


Video of Thermo-safe Pool Cover


Thermo-safe covers can reduce heat loss by up to 85%. Research has shown that an uncovered pool can lose as much as 5˚c heat in 5 hours, installing a Thermo-safe cover can reduce heat loss in the same period to as little as 0.65˚c. It is now widely accepted that installing a Heat Retention Cover is the single most effective means of reducing swimming pool energy consumption. However the benefits of installing a Heat Retention Cover do not stop there, they can also reduce your Water Treatment costs by reducing chemical evaporation and reduce humidity and condensation in the pool building

Regardless of pool size, Thermo-safe saves on heating costs and reduces chemical usage that would otherwise be lost through evaporation. It is proven that pool owners can save up to 23% on energy bills with a heat retention cover. See back page for tog results.

Life Expectancy

Aquamatic fabric material has a life expectancy of approximately 7-10 years and all have a seven-year pro-rated warranty. Apart from UV and wear & tear, the most common cause for a reduced fabric life span is the incorrect use of pool chemicals Having an Aquamatic cover substantially reduces the amount of chemical required to sanitise the pool water as approximately two-thirds of all organic matter is prevented from entering the pool. The cover also restricts up to 90% of the light from entering the pool thus preventing algae from growing!

Fabric Material 

The cover fabric used for all UK installations is a (BS3424/5A) 630g/m2 flexible plasticised PVC material. The fabric has a high gloss lacquer on both sides and contains a high tensile polyester scrim reinforcing layer to enhance tear strength. This lacquered finish will also enable the fabric to be cleaned far easier compared to other non-lacquered fabrics.

About Therma-float

Therma-Float Ltd specialises in the development of high-performance insulated materials and laminates for use in the harshest and most demanding environments routinely encountered by offshore workers, mariners and militaries throughout the world.

Therma-Float has also worked on specific projects including the Breitling Orbiter 3 and ICO Global Challenge Round the World Balloons, Life Raft Insulated Flooring, EN 393 Approved Ultra-thin buoyancy materials, Radiant barriers and “breathable” thermal insulation materials for apparel.

When you purchase or are issued an item made from Therma-Float®, they understand that you expect total product quality and performance. With Therma-Float® you receive the knowledge and experience that comes from a committed team of scientists, engineers and product experts.