Our Covers

Our range of slatted pool covers are electrically operated, and come complete with everything you need to make your pool safer and more energy efficient. The high-quality slat system allows for easy opening and closing of the pool, and needs very little maintenance. It also has the added benefit of insulating the pool’s heat – especially in the case of our solar slats.


Quality and Innovation

Aquadeck has produced slatted cover systems for swimming pools since 1999. We carefully produce all our top-quality slatted covers in-house. Thanks to the use of high-quality materials and the extensive range of application possibilities, our products are becoming increasingly popular throughout Europe.

Through continuous investment in know-how and the use of an advanced production process, Aquadeck is able to guarantee consistent quality. Class deserves confidence, and that’s why our products are covered by a rock solid warranty. Our continuous pursuit of quality improvement through innovation has resulted in such advances as a powerful reel motor and the Aquadeck impact-resistant polycarbonate slat with a demonstrably longer service life than a PVC slat.


Choose from a wide range of slat styles, colours and functions.

Features include:

  • White, cream, blue and grey PVC slats
  • Transparent PVC slats
  • Solar PVC slats
  • Polycarbonate slats which are both solar and transparent
  • Metallic solar polycarbonate slats