We produce a wide variety of swimming pool styles and types for commercial, domestic and DIY projects, all of which are made to your specifications.  By offering bespoke swimming pools and swimming pool equipment, we know that we can work with you to create your perfect swimming experience, including any swimming pool filters steps, pool lighting or counter currents you desire.

Luxe Tilestone Swimming Pool

Luxe TileStone One Piece Swimming Pools

Our revolutionary one piece and split-pool systems take all the hassle out of installing a swimming pool by delivering them ready to go.  Our granite tiled pools are stronger than concrete, 100% waterproof with no chance of structural leaking and what’s more, they can be made entirely to your designs, including LED lighting, spa jets and counter currents!  We offer a range of tile designs, or can work to your specifications and no size or shape is too difficult for us to tackle.

Aquaria luxe swimming pool built in back garden.

Luxe One Piece GRP Pools

Our revolutionary one piece systems take all the hassle out of installing a swimming pool by delivering them ready to go. The complete package delivered to your door! Using unique composite technology luxe pools are finished in three plain colours; Snow, White, Dusty Grey & Pacific Blue. Available at an extra costcis an alternative 3D Super Granicoat Gelcoat providing an artificial sparkling granite type effect that enhances the overall appearance of the pool finish.

Outdoor tiled swimming pool

DIY and Pro Pool Kits

Specially designed for those who haven’t the money or the time to install a concrete pool. Our DIY pools are made from a vinyl liner and can be fitted easily at home. The cost is much smaller and while the lining will need replacing every seven to ten years, this means you’ll have the effect of a brand new pool every decade!  These pool liners can also be raised above ground level to minimise digging and we offer more advanced kits for DIY enthusiasts and local pool fitters.

Commercial Pools

For businesses such as gyms, hotels and wellness centres, we provide a bespoke pool design service specifically for large pools. Our pools are manufactured in sections which are assembled on site and come fully tiled with your choice of accessories including steps, lights, inlets and suction. We can even work with you to update your existing pool area by creating a pool of the exact same size and shape, seamlessly fitting into the old footprint with no hassle at all.