When you’ve picked your perfect sized and shaped pool, the next big thing you’ll need to think about are those little extras that make a swimming pool more than just a watery hole in the ground.  You can find all the accessories you need to make your pool the haven it should be right here.

Award-winning Swimming Pool equipment suppliers

As two-time winners of the coveted UK Pool Supplier of the year, we’re proud to offer our customers an exceptional range of premium swimming pool equipment supplies at affordable prices. Our vast catalogue of swimming pool supplies ranges from the finest LED lights to super-efficient swimming pool heat pumps.

Swimming Pool equipment Luxe Ultra flow Home Page Short


A self-contained propulsion swim unit that can be installed in Concrete or Liner pool construction.

Watertec WT2 light front on light swimming pool equipment

Stainless Steel LED Lighting

Our Water-Tec underwater LED pool lighting offers an easy-to-fit light with a huge illumination, in stainless steel and hard anodized casing.  Choose from lights for concrete or vinyl-lined pools, white or RGB and with Wireless/Bluetooth control.

Aqua Fingers swimming pool equipment

Aqua Fingers

The unique Patented Aqua Fingers microfibre pool brush is a revolutionary cleaning tool for swimming pool surfaces and automatic pools covers.

Swimming pool equipment Aqua Cleaner

Aqua Cleaner

This cover cleaner is good for use on all fabric type safety covers. It is a powerful and premium cleaner that will remove dirt, grime, grease etc and biodegradable. The Aqua cleaner restores the appearance of fabric pool covers.

Aqua Descaler

Aqua Descaler

This descaler is good for use on all slatted PVC and Polycarbonate type covers. It is a powerful and easy to use descaler which removes calcium deposits, dirt and grime. The Aqua Descaler restores the appearance of slatted pool covers.

Electro Heat Ultra Sub Zero swimming pool equipment

Swimming Pool Heat Pumps

Pool heat pumps are a super-efficient way to heat the swimming pool.  It makes full use of the advanced refrigeration technology to capture the heat in the outside air and transfer it to the pool water.  It does not generate heat but captures it and transfers it from the air into the water, providing an efficient and environmentally friendly system for heating your swimming pool.

swimming pool water pump

Filtration and Pumps

We offer a wide variety of pumps and filters suitable for indoor, outdoor, above ground and in-ground swimming pools.  No matter what your size or requirements, we are confident that we will have the perfect pump and filtration system to keep your swimming pool working at optimum efficiency.

swimming pool steel pool fittings equipment

Stainless Steel Pool Fittings

Italy’s finest Stainless Steel range of 316 ‘L’ grade fittings from Marpiscine.
For over twenty-five years, Marpiscine has been manufacturing and distributing high-grade stainless steel products worldwide

  • Pool return fittings
  • Skimmings
  • Main Drains
  • Spa jets
Marpiscine Heron Fountain jet

Wellness Pool Products - Stainless Steel

Italy’s finest Stainless Steel range of 316 ‘L’ grade fittings from Marpiscine.For over twenty-five years, Marpiscine has been manufacturing and distributing high-grade stainless steel products worldwide.

Stainless Steel Massage Wellness fittings including:

  • Wall Fountains Fountains
  • Floor Mounted Fountain
Swim Nozzle jet

Swim Jets

A jet stream of water to swim against for exercise. Can be supplied as an individual unit or supplied as a complete kit.

Microfine Glass Pearl Filter tank

Microfine Glass Pearl Filter tank media

Complete protection for your stainless steel swimming pool with Paraguard.  Choose Paraguard XL for rust removal, BD for a thorough clean, and then the Paraguard + for complete protection.  Make sure that you also purchase the appropriate cleaning cloth!

Seamaid LED Swimming Pools Lighting

Swimming Pools Lighting - LED - From Seamaid

Swimming Pool lighting;

  • White LED lights
  • RGB Led Lights
  • Par 56 Replacement Bulbs.
  • Retro-fit adaptor for light niches “Old style” or discontinued lights.
Air Blowers for swim jets or Hydro-Wellness products

Air Blowers - For swim jets or Hydro-Wellness products

Air blower for Swim Jets and other Hydro-wellness products.

Pool Liners

Our Kafko pool liners are protected against bleach and UV damage as well as resistant against bacteria and algae growth – they also look fantastic, thanks to our Ultra-Seam technology which makes the seam virtually invisible.  Our liners and tiles come in a huge range of colours, patterns and shades and can be made to fit any size or shape, creating a seamless effect in polymer, steel, concrete or fibreglass pools.