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How do our Aquatamic Hydraulic Covers work?

A PVC reinforced fabric is attached to an aluminium leading edge bar that spans the width of the pool. A unique ‘Slider’ mechanism is attached to the leading edge and this slides through aluminium tracking placed either side of the pool.

A marine quality nylon cable cord is also attached to the fabric and threads up and down the tracks onto a ‘Drive Mechanism’, which activates a pair of cast aluminium reels. The Drive Mechanism is operated by a key operated switch. The cast aluminium reels wind up the nylon cables which pulls the fabric through the tracking to close the cover.

To remove the cover the Drive Mechanism simply activates the ‘Roller Tube’, this winds up the fabric on to the tube just like a conventional reel system used for Solar Covers.

What Powers the Aquamatic Hydraulic Safety Cover?

A ‘Powerpack’ hydraulic pump that pumps hydraulic oil through two 9mm/155 BAR rated hoses which are connected to TWO hydraulic motors via a reverse flow manifold.

Each motor independently activates either the ‘Reel System’ or the ‘Roller Tube’ and because there are no clutches involved, a smooth and reliable service is delivered time after time!

There is no electrical supply required to power the drive mechanism. Therefore, in the event that the pit housing is flooded, there will be no costly repair bills as all the components in the pit area are unaffected by water.

Why should I consider Aqumatic safety pool covers for an outdoor pool?

No other pool gives you more options than Aquamatic. Whatever the size or shape of your outdoor pool, we can provide you with a safety cover system that will suit your style and budget. There are lots of options to consider when choosing your cover system. What sort of tracking do you require. Should you have above or below housing, and of course, what colours are available to you.

Why should I consider Aquamatic safety pool covers for an indoor pool?

Any type of pool construction that is built indoors has humidity, condensation and safety issues. Without question, an Aquamatic safety cover system installed on an indoor swimming pool instantaneously prevents these problems arising when the pool is not in use. Applying an Aquamatic cover on an indoor pool is like placing a lid on the pool, it completely seals the swimming pool.  Cutting down on humidity and condensation levels substantially reducing running costs. If you are considering purchasing a ‘slatted’ type cover, please bear in mind that this type of cover is NOT classed or been approved as a safety cover. In addition, approximately 20% evaporation loss occurs in a slatted system due to the gaps that are formed at each joint!

Why choose Aquamatic swimming pool safety covers?

The Aquamatic cover is driven by hydraulic fluid, not electricity. On the surface, most pool covers look similar but the most important part of any pool cover is the drive mechanism. In choosing Aquamatic, you have chosen the unique patented hydraulic fluid drive system that offers you trouble-free maintenance, increased power performance and is designed to last a lifetime.

What kind of pools can be covered with an Aquamatic pool cover?

The Aquamatic Safety Cover can be applied to any domestic pool size or shape. By offering a choice of above or below the surface mounting, it offers you either a cover which disappears into a surface mounted cabinet with no disruption to existing paving; or, by making a pit construction, allows for the cover to be stored below deck level.

An above ground Installation is ideal for situations where the surrounding deck area, e.g. paving, is not to be disturbed and saves on the inconvenience and added expense of not having to build a below ground pit housing. The cover can be retracted into either a flush or surface mounted tracking into an above ground housing that is fixed to the surface of the surrounding deck area (a good solid base is required).

For below ground installations, the cover is retracted through either top, flush or inwall mounted tracking into a storage pit, below deck level. Pit Construction (330/405mm dependent on cover size) is made either by using number 7 Neuton concrete blocks, no RSJ lintel is required. Inwall tracking enables you to conceal the tracking extrusion within the parameters of the pool wall. The cover is retracted through the inwall tracks and enters the pit housing over the pool wall structure, not the coping edge.

What kind of versatility do Aquamatic swimming pools cover?

Aquamatic is a most versatile cover, enabling you to house the cover either above or below ground with a combination of three different types of track; flush, surface and in-wall track.  Combined with a cover pump it is the only cover to have a built-in rainwater removal system. An ingenious trouble free patent slider system combined with a compensator ensures that the cover closes square every time.

Are any electrics required near the pool if I use an Aquamatic swimming pool cover?

No electrics are required near the pool. The power-pack (an electrically driven hydraulic pump) can be placed in a remote area up to 100 feet away.

What else do Aquamatic pool covers offer?

Dramatically reduces chemical requirement up to 50% and water loss by evaporation up to 95%. A cover that will help create a large passive solar collector that will raise the pool water temperature 6 to 10 degrees on average. Pressure relief valves ensure that the cover stops on meeting an obstruction when closing the pool.

  • Six different colour fabrics available from stock, at no extra charge.
  • Over 20,000 covers sold worldwide.
  • One of the quickest operational covers on the market.
  • 20 year limited warranty on the drive mechanism.
How much do Aquamatic swimming pool safety covers cost?

Due to the many different types and installation methods of an Aquamatic system, it is not possible to issue a price list.  The average price of an automatic safety pool cover ranges from £14,000 – £18,000 depending on the size of the pool and specification. The cheaper, manual option, the EZ, is available for pools up to 10m long and prices range from £4,000 – £8,000.

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How safe are Aquamatic pool covers?

With Aquamatic pool covers all you need is one cover and the turn of a key! Safety must be of paramount importance when considering purchasing or inheriting a swimming pool, especially where children (and pets) are concerned. Purchasing an Aquamatic Safety Cover will alleviate all these concerns knowing that once the pool is covered nothing can enter the pool unless you turn the key.

How do I go about choosing an Aquamatic hydraulic safety cover?

All our cover fabrics are manufactured and assembled under license by Aquaflex Ltd. Having the cover material cut and prepared in the UK has the added benefit of a quicker manufacturing time and reduced costs. A cover can be made and dispatched in 24 hours!

The cover fabric used for all UK installations is a (BS3424/5A) 630g/m2 flexible plasticised PVC material. The fabric has a high gloss lacquer on both sides and contains a high tensile polyester scrim reinforcing layer to enhance tear strength. This lacquered finish will also enable the fabric to be cleaned far easier compared to other non-lacquered fabrics.

What is the life expectancy of the Aquamatic fabric material?

Aquamatic fabric material has a life expectancy of approximately 7-10 years and all have a seven-year pro-rated warranty. Apart from UV and wear & tear, the most common cause of a reduced fabric lifespan is the incorrect use of pool chemicals i.e. continuation of high chlorine levels of ‘Shock Chlorine Treatments’. Having an Aquamatic cover substantially reduces the amount of chemical required to sanitise the pool water as approximately two-thirds of all organic matter is prevented from entering the pool. The cover also restricts up to 90% of light from entering the pool thus preventing algae from growing!

Normal chlorine levels required with an Aquamatic cover can be reduced to 1ppm. If a ‘shock treatment’ is required, we recommend that a ‘Non-Chlorine Shock Treatment’ (Sodium Monopersulphate) is used.

All Aquamatic covers can withstand temperatures from -30/ +70∞.

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