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The Tilestone Pool is Paramount Pools’ latest offering, giving you the luxury of a tiled pool in a fraction of the time.

Made from reinforced GRP, with a 50mm high-density PU foam and steel carbon framework, the Tilestone comes ready made to fit directly into your previously excavated and prepared hole – a 100mm concrete sub-base with drained is required. We then lower the pool in by crane, level and back-fill it so it is ready for tiling with a specialist epoxy adhesive – either standard 25mm mosaic or large format 600 x 300 tiles can be applied.

The delivered Tilestone shell is performed with all necessary shell fittings such as lights and inlets, and depending on your location will come in one or two pieces, which when put assembled will be comparable to the strength of a gunite concrete structure. A wide range of standard sizes is available to choose from, although a custom build surface is offered for more particular requirements.

The construction of Tilestone pools is 100% waterproof, with no structural leaks, and will not corrode over time like steel or RC. The flexibility of the pool – compared to concrete – allows for greater resistance against thermal or physical stresses, and structural failure is virtually unheard of. Each pool is perfectly constructed in factory controlled conditions to create a higher level of quality and consistency than found in gunite on-site construction.

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Experience the diversity of the Tilestone swimming pool range, available in different sizes & designs. The one-piece Tilestone Pool can be delivered fully tiled or un-tiled. Available as a skimmer, overflow or infinity edge type pool. Our unique manufacturing process ensures 100% leak-free pool structure prior to tiling.

All Tilestone pools are fully insulated with a thermal conductivity of 0.25 W / m2K. The Tilestone self-supporting steel frame enables the pool to be installed above or below ground, ideal for roof-top installations or basements. Contact our design team and let us help you to design the perfect pool. Sectional pool structures are also available.


A standard Tilestone pool is rectangular in design with a pool depth of 1.5m, although this can be adjusted. The maximum length available in one piece is 11.5m x 3.70m. The rectangular shape allows you to use the best fitting varieties of slatted or fabric safety covers, and the fully-insulated wall and sides will considerably reduce energy running costs, which are already assisted by a U-value of 0.25W/m²K (calculated in accordance with BS EN ISO 13370:2007). Luxe can even manufacture your ‘pit housings’ to contain the cover system.

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Minimum overdig required is 300mm for the pool structure – this allows the possibility of installing a Tilestone pool inside. For this purpose – and also for properties with restricted access – the Tilestone can be delivered in two pieces instead of one.

Luxe Tilestone pools allow you to design your own ideal pool system. Working with your drawings and plans, we can create the pool of your dreams, showing you CAD drawings with dimensions at every step of the way. All CAD diagrams are specific to your project, and alterations are easily handled.

A few of the many benefits different options available.

Choice of Tiles

Choosing the tiled finish is one decision that ultimately has to come from you! There are an insurmountable range of different colours and designs manufactured worldwide. Therefore, Luxe has carefully selected and stocked a range of preferred tiles that are timeless in appearance and most commonly used for outdoor and indoor pools environments.

Discuss your colour and vision with your dealer and Luxe will propose a brand selection for you to choose from.

All Luxe pools are tiled using a superior epoxy adhesive and grout (four times longer labour time compared to tiling a standard concrete pool) to either large format tiles or standard ceramic/glass type mosaics.

Epoxy grout also ensures the pool remains stain-free in the future too.

standard iridescent range of stocked tiles

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As an alternative to the full-size Tilestone, a Luxe ‘trainer pool’ offers the perfect solution when space is at a premium. The trainer pool measures 5 x 2m, comes complete with an Aquamatic Safety Cover, and can be fitted with a variety of swim jet fittings to help accelerate your training.

  • No delays caused by bad weather
  • No delays in building
  • No pool fittings need to be installed on site
  • No reliance on sub-contractors
  • No structural leaks – 100% watertight
  • Average installation time is 14-21 days
  • Available in two-piece option
  • Fully insulated to the BStandard and in compliance with Part L
  • Superior tile appearance and longevity
  • Non-staining
  • Higher strength than comparable concrete pools
  • An expected minimum service life of 25 years, with a maximum useful life of 50 years with routine care and maintenance
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Luxe Pool delivery Germany.

Installation of Tilestone pool on roof of seaside apartment building

One-piece Swimming Pool installed on roof of building.

Another fully tiled one-piece pool supplied by Paramount to our dealer H2o pools based in Plymouth. The pool, free-standing in design was installed on top of the newly built Rivage Luxury Apartments.

Posted by Paramount Pool Products on Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Time lapse video of Tilestone pool Installation.

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