Hand and stream of water

At Luxe, we believe every hydrotherapy pool should be tailor-made to suit your needs. Above or belowground, massage stations, air therapy, glass windows are all options that can be accommodated for.

We can work with your drawings and plans or provide concepts based on your ideas to achieve the desired result. To ensure everything is perfect with your design, our experts create full CAD drawings giving you all the dimensions you need to ensure everything will fit with precision. We can provide structural calculations for standard and bespoke designs.

Bespoke One-piece Hydrotherapy pool – ARA Architects and design consultants.

The design brief was to produce a 5.40 x 2.40m hydrotherapy pool, insulated to Part L standards, free-standing incorporating an Aquamatic Safety Cover System.

Wall Fittings – Factory Fitted

  • Spa Skimmer- Stainless
  • Wall Inlet- Stainless
  • Low Side Suction- Stainless
  • Vac Point- Stainless

Massage Stations – Factory Fitted

  • 10 No. Massage Jets SIDE WALL (1 X 6, 1 X4) Water/air.
  • 8 No. Massage Jets BENCH SEAT (2X4) Water/air.

Floor Hydro station (Geyser) – Factory Fitted

  • 330 x 330mm Square Plate Floor Hydro Station.
  • 1.5kW Air Blower (with Silencer) for above.

Entrance Hand Rail

  • Custom Made Entrance handrail

RGB LED Lighting System

  • WT 5556-NT2 RGB (6W) LED Pool Light (Threaded) CW 20m cable.

Aquamatic Safety Cover

  • Thermosafe Spa cover system complete stainless steel track level lid system

GRP Housing for Aquamatic Cover

  • GRP Housing 2.9 x 0.45 x 0.45m

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